What a month for Care & Repair

It has been a month of celebration and change at Care and Repair with ministerial visits, celebrations, a new Agency Manager and if that’s not enough, a move back to Exchange House.  Welcome home Care and Repair !

The Agency celebrated its 15th year of assisting the older and most vulnerable people in Newport, with a ‘strictly danceathon’, held in the Galleries, upstairs in Newport Market.

Attended by over 100 clients, business partners and staff, the event was a roaring success and an excellent opportunity to look back at what the 21st century Agency has achieved since its launch in 2000.

It was also an opportunity to say goodbye to Agency Manager Phil Arnold, who was there at the Agency’s conception, and to thank him for his massive contribution. From the outset it was clear Phil wanted to deliver the best possible service for residents of Newport and some 15 years and 30,000 happy clients later we think he definitely achieved that.  His desire to treat people with respect and dignity and to listen to people has been at the heart of everything that Phil has done and has made a huge difference.

Phil Arnold retired at the end of April, and has been succeeded by Jason Gunther.  Jason had a long and distinguished career within Newport City Council and has really made a difference in improving the quality of homes within the County.  He has been on the Care & Repair Board for many years and we can’t think of anybody better to build on the legacy that Phil is leaving behind.

Welcome aboard Jason!


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