Care and Repair week kicks off in Newport!

Newport Care & Repair Agency will this week be marking national Care & Repair week in Wales with an offer of a ‘free handyperson for a day’ to their 25,000th customer since launching 12 years ago.

Phil Arnold, Agency Manager said “The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the Care and Repair movement amongst older people and their families. It is an added bonus that it is likely to coincide with us reaching our major milestone of helping our 25,000th customer”.

Newport Care and Repair provide advice and assistance in making the homes of older people safe, warm and secure, and its services help older people to live independently for as long as possible.

“Hand rails, shower seat and grab-rails and also the most polite and respectful handyman who came into my house” was a compliment that was recently received from a delighted customer.

Another aspect of their service, the Rapid Response Adaptations Programme (RRAP), assists over 700 older people every year.

Approximately half of all referrals to RRAP are to facilitate hospital discharge and work is generally carried out within a matter of days, and may include provision of ramps, rails, and door entry equipment. Referrals are by Health and Social Services professionals, who are mostly based in local hospitals and GP practices throughout Newport.

Overall, around 40% of enquiries to the whole range of Care & Repair services originate from the general public and anyone over 60 and living in their own home or in private rented accommodation can make contact on 0300 111 333.

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