Accidents to Older People

Improved living standards, better healthcare, greater awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and taking regular exercise have led to more and more people enjoying life into their 80s and 90s. However older people, in particular the frail elderly, are one of the groups of our population most vulnerable to accidents, particularly in and around the home.

What injuries occur?

The great majority of both fatal and non-fatal accidents involving older people are falls. Almost three-quarters of falls among the 65 and over age group result in arm, leg and shoulder injuries. Older people are also more likely to injure more than one part of their body, with 25% of falls causing injury to more than one part of the body, compared to an average 16% among all age groups. One in every five falls among women aged 55 and over results in a fracture or fractures requiring hospital treatment.

Where do accidents happen?

The most serious accidents involving older people usually happen on the stairs or in the kitchen. The bedroom and the living room are the most common locations for accidents in general.
The largest proportion of accidents are falls from stairs or steps with over 60% of deaths resulting from accidents on stairs. 15% of falls are off a chair or out of bed (on two levels) and a similar number are caused by a slip or trip on the same level, e.g. falling over a mat or a rug.

Source – Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) 2010

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  1. donna scrivens

    March 5, 2012

    do you have any exercise classes being run for people at risk of falls?


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